Rick McCoy Solo


They say that cleanliness is next to godliness. Can there be anything more heavenly than a lathered up Rick McCoy? No! With his strawberry blond hair darkened in the steamy water and his Greek God physique shimmering wet, it’s a pleasure to watch Rick in the shower. As this young buck washes up, we watch the suds slide down his backside and into the crack of his tight muscle butt. Then he faces the camera and soaps up his gleaming chest, his wet dick already half-hard just from the thought of us watching him. He slowly works his way down his six-pack, massaging the thigh muscles as he bends over before putting one leg up on the ledge to get those hard-to-reach spots. Rinsing off with that hot steamy water gets Rick all worked up and jacking off is the only possible outcome. Lucky for us, Rick takes his time beating that hard cock of his, getting close to climax a few times before finally spraying his load. Rick McCoy proves clean sex is HOT!

Photo Set & Text

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