Brick Morewood and Daisy Lee

Brick Morewood is a blond hunk of a man and Daisy Lee is a beautiful blond woman. Together they make a perfect blond couple. Daisy can’t get enough of Brick’s powerfully built body. She touches him everywhere. Brick shows off his biceps to make her hotter. They take their time kissing and caressing. Daisy pulls off Brick’s pants and gobbles up his prick. Brick later dives into Daisy’s patch giving her sheer ecstasy. With Daisy wet and more than ready, Brick fucks her hard and fast, yet with lots of love. The pair are really into each other. Brick grabs Daisy’s breasts as he fucks her doggy style. Brick explodes onto Daisy’s back and butt. The two kiss as happy as can be.

Photo Set

Preview Clip – 2 minutes – MP4 – 960×540

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