Patrick Tyson & Ennio Guardi Bareback Dick Keissie


Dick Keissie is working on his abs while Patrick Tyson helps him and Ennio Guardi admirers Dick’s bod. Patrick sucks Dick’s cock while Dick has a taste of Patrick’s prick. Ennio and Patrick kiss as Dick continues to suck on Patrick’s uncut cock. Dick takes turns giving them both blow jobs while they kiss. Ennio grabs the baby oil, squirting it on his muscular body then on Patrick’s chiseled bod. Both studs go back to Dick and rip off his briefs. Ennio wraps the ripped briefs around Dick’s cock and balls as a cock wring, while jerking his cock. At the same time, Dick wraps his mouth around Patrick’s pole. Ennio squirts baby oil on Dick’s prick and hole. Ennio teases Dick’s hole by fingering it before plunging his raw cock deep inside bareback. His raw prick slides in and out of Dick’s juicy hole, while Dick sucks Patrick’s cock. Dick gets on all fours and it’s Patrick’s turn to bareback Dick’s hole. Spit roast time! ┬áDick has a cock in each end, sucking Ennio and getting fucked raw by Patrick at the same time. Dick then sits on Ennio’s raw cock. Ennio fucks him bareback from the bottom up. Meanwhile Patrick feeds ┬áhis cock into Dick’s mouth. Both studs then double penetrate Dick’s hungry hole. Now that Dick’s hole is nice a loose he takes turns hopping on both Patrick’s and Ennio’s cock. Ennio moans as he jerks out his load on Dick’ ass cheeks. Ennio Guardi shoves his raw cock back in seeding Dick. Patrick Tyson strokes and creams all over Dick’s ass cheeks, too, then sticks his cock bareback in Dick’s hole. Dick Keissie blasts a massive load all over his chest and abs. They all kiss after double penetrating and double seeding Dick.

Photo Set

Preview Clip – 2 minutes – MP4 – 960×540

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