Tyler Saint & Dustin Fitch


Tyler Saint & Dustin Fitch
Muscle daddy Tyler Saint and smooth lad Dustin Fitch are making out on the bed. Their hands roam into each others pants and under their shirts. Dustin takes his shirt off and Tyler kisses his chest and licks his nipples. Dustin feels Tyler’s rock hard cock through his pants and pulls out Tyler’s monster cock. Before Tyler can lower his pants further Dustin shoves his 8 1/2 inch cock down his throat. They both completely remove their pants and Dustin continues to savor every inch of Tyler’s thick daddy cock. Dustin lubes up his tight young hole and sits on Tyler’s huge pole. Tyler’s cock is a tight fit for Dustin’s tight hole but Dustin rides it deep and hard. Dustin stands up on the bed and Tyler feeds on his 8 inches of boy meat. Dustin lays down sticking his smooth ass up in the air. Tyler spits on Dustin’s boy hole, spreads his ass cheeks apart and digs in with his face. Tyler slides his cock up and down Dustin’s ass cheeks before wrecking Dustin’s ass again with his thick meat. Tyler grabs ahold of Dustin’s small bubble butt and jackhammers his cock deep and fast into Dustin’s ass. Tyler flips Dustin over and gets a taste of Dustin’s young cock and ass one last time before fucking him in the missionary position. Dustin Fitch jerks his meat as Tyler’s massive cock slides in and out of his stretched hole. Tyler hits the right spot and Dustin shoots a thick load all over his smooth abs. Tyler Saint pulls his cock out of Dustin’s ass and lays down as he strokes his daddy cock to climax with Dustin on his side. They continue making out while Tyler twitches in ecstasy at every rub of his tender cock.

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