John Magnum & Justin King

John Magnum & Justin King
John Magnum and Justin King are two muscle hunks ready to blow off steam. They start off kissing and feeling each other’s amazing pecs. It’s not long before Justin notices John’s massive boner and begins sucking him through his shorts. John unveils his big, thick dick and Justin deep throats every inch. They take off their shorts and jack each other, comparing their cocks. They joke playfully before John gets on his knees to suck Justin’s uncut man meat. He can’t get enough of Justin’s thick foreskin, hot precum, and sexy accent. Justin begins devouring John’s tight hole. The two beefy men switch and John pushes his thick cock up Justin’s hairy ass. John pounds Justin’s hole demanding him to, “Take it!” Justin rides John’s massive dick, swallowing John’s meat with his muscular bottom. He turns around to give us a better view of John pounding his ass. John flips Justin over and dives straight back inside his hole. John pounds his ass and plays with Justin’s nipples until Justin King launches his thick load across his hairy abs. John Magnum pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Justin’s furry body.

Photo Set

Preview Clip – 2 minutes – MP4 – 960×540


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