Brad Kalvo Massaged

Brad Kalvo Massaged

Brad Kalvo is one of my favorite hunks. He’s pretty much the epitome of manliness. He’s a wall of muscle and he’s a great fuck, trust me I know. This time Brad stops by for a quick massage. I start off by rubbing his back and working my way to his ass, down his thick thighs and to his muscular legs. I slide my hands back to his bubble butt and spread his cheeks wide open. I can’t resist and I dig my tongue into his pink hole, my face buried in between his bubble butt. The more I licked and bit his hairy ass, the harder I got. I took my dick out placing it in Brad’s hand and he started stroking me for a short while. I made sure every inch of his back and ass were explored. He turned over and I continued to rub oil over his hairy, muscular chest, arms, thighs and legs. I know how to push Brad’s buttons so I began to lick his nipples. He threw his head back in pleasure. I moved on to his armpits and licked every inch of the sweaty, hairy pits. He got rock hard and his breathing got faster so I wrapped my mouth around his cock one last time. It wasn’t long before Brad Kalvo let out a loud moan and busted his load all over his abs and chest. Wish I could massage Brad every day!

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