Robert Axel & Marcus Ruhl 

Robert Axel & Marcus Ruhl

Personal trainer Robert Axel is helping mega-hunk Marcus Ruhl stretch before beginning a new training session. Robert compliments Marcus’ form and progress as Marcus moves from exercise to exercise, and Robert’s hands move from body part to body part. Robert gets ahold of Marcus’ hottest body part, his thick uncut dick. Muscle worship becomes cock worship as Robert drops to his knees working on Marcus’ hot cock. “We need to train like this more often,” says Marcus. Robert stands up and kisses Marcus. Robert docks his prick into Marcus Ruhl’s foreskin. Marcus drops to his knees and stuffs his mouth full of Robert’s cock.  Cock worship turns into passionate fucking when Robert rides Marcus’ fat pole. Robert gets his turn to top, plowing his dick in and out of Marcus in the missionary position. He turns Marcus Ruhl around and continues pounding him doggy style. Robert Axel’s ass craves more and Marcus is more than happy to oblige. He pumps his ass until Robert pops his load all over his own rock hard abs. The workout is over once Marcus Ruhl releases all over Robert’s ripped body.

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