Samuel Colt & Gabriel Louis

Muscle daddy Samuel Colt comes home bearing gifts: a Fleshjack and a butt plug. He finds his young lover, Gabriel Louis, diligently pouring over his textbooks, busy studying for his upcoming exam. Samuel empties the bag containing the gifts unto the bed and Gabriel asks, “What are those?” “You’ll find out,” replies Samuel as he pulls out his hard cock. Gabriel sucks on his stiff cock, just like his daddy likes it. Samuel returns the favor and takes his time tasting his young boyfriend’s hot uncut cock and foreskin. Samuel picks up the Fleshjack and guides Gabriel’s cock into it. Gabriel Louis moans in ecstasy. Wanting to join in on the fun Samuel takes turns using the Fleshjack. At one point Samuel guides both of their cocks into the Fleshjack and they fuck it together. Samuel Colt tosses Gabriel’s legs back, his ass propped up in the perfect position for him to eat it up. After Gabriel’s hole is wet enough he takes the butt plug and gently stuffs it down Gabriel’s ass. Now that Gabriel’s hole has been stretched enough, Samuel stuffs his hard cock into it. He slips his throbbing cock in and out of Gabriel’s tight, young ass in the missionary position. Gabriel bends over for Samuel and lets him in, enjoying every stroke of Samuel’s prick. After pounding Gabriel’s sweet ass doggy style, Samuel pulls out and cums all over the small of Gabriel’s back then licks it off. Gabriel lays down and jerks off as Samuel Colt licks his nipples. After a matter of seconds Gabriel Louis moans and shoots a thick load up into the air.  It’s always fun to play with toys.

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