Rick McCoy and Jimmy Coxxx

In this real-life fantasy, two of the hottest studs in our stable, Rick McCoy and Jimmy Coxxx, lay on the bed choosing one of two options. They’re either gonna wrestle or fuck! Our hearts sank when Jimmy (the bigger of the two) chose to wrestle. But we got our hopes up again when he and Rick quickly stripped down to nothing but their birthday suits and began furiously pawing each other and twisting their arms and legs together. A winded Jimmy quickly ended up on his back and Rick wisely took matters into his own hands and mouth. He went down on Jimmy’s cock, setting off a back-and-forth round of cocksucking, intermittently interrupted by periods of body groping and lip-smacking butt play. All this horse-play turned into full-on man play when Rick lubed up and slid his hard-on inside of Jimmy’s hungry hole. Each position this duo tried was hotter than the one before and it’s amazing they could wait as long as they did before they almost simultaneously blew their loads.

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David Plaza and Jake



David Plaza is one of the cutest guys I’ve ever been with. He’s part Japanese and has large, brown eyes that make me swoon. His big smile brightens any room. David is a passionate kisser and that’s how we start our moment. I take off his shirt and enjoy his smooth  skin. He takes mine off and touches my hairy chest. We continue to take our clothes off and David shows us his Andrew Christian briefs. I play with his ass and cock while he still has the briefs on. I get on my knees and suck his hard cock. I put David on the bed and take off his remaining clothes. I remove his shoes and socks and play with his beautiful feet, licking his sole and sucking his toes. David pulls my pants down and removes my briefs exposing my rock hard dick (I guess he turns me on). He doesn’t waste any time getting his mouth around it. Man he gives good head! I lay David back on the bed and put his ass in the air so I can feast on his sweet hole. We play on the bed, kissing, sucking, 69ing and rubbing. I kneel in between David’s legs and stroke our cocks together. David loves it and soon he shoots a huge load all over his belly. I lean over and lap up some of his juice, then give him a wet, cummy kiss. David lays next to me and strokes me for a while before I take over to finish. With David kissing me it doesn’t take long and I bust my nut. I had a fantastic time with David in bed. I also enjoyed taking him out to dinner and talking with him afterwards. David Plaza is a pleasure all the way around. I’m one lucky man.

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Kevin Crows and Heath Jordan


Truly hot sex is one of life’s great pleasures, and you’ve got to grab it whenever you can. Kevin Crows and Heath Jordan prove that even a quickie during lunch hour can be incredibly erotic. With no time to waste, both studs rip off their clothes, displaying their perfect physiques. Heath’s tongue is all over Kevin, working its way from his armpits, down his chest and, finally, drawing that piece of man meat into his mouth and down his throat. Kevin loves a hot ass and takes his time tonguing Heath’s hot and hairy hole inside and out, all part of the prep for what’s coming next. He slips on a condom and enters Heath from behind, grabbing onto his shoulders and pulling him backwards for the full effect. Heath also rides that cock before Kevin lays him on his back for the final pounding and the release of their loads.

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Mark Brown, Peter Skala & Jessica Blue


Mark Brown, Peter Skala and Jessica Blue are asleep. Petr wakes up and licks their toes. Now that’s one way to wake up. Soon Petr is sucking Mark’s cock while Jessica sucks Petr’s prick. Mark fucks Jessica while she continues sucking Petr. Petr wants his turn on Mark’s raw cock and he mounts him bareback. Jessica sucks Petr as Mark plows him from underneath. Jessica then mounts Petr in a hot train fuck. Seriously, they get into so many positions I could write a book. Let’s just say they have a lot of fun, and some of it includes a dildo. In the end Mark pulls out of Petr’s ass in time to splash his ass with his spunk. He pushes his cock back in seeding him. Petr lays back and gets sucked by Jessica, then strokes until he busts his nut into her mouth.


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Miky Bolton Barebacks Mike Lantic


Mike Lantic lays naked and hard, somewhat asleep, below an overpass. Miky Bolton sneaks up on him taking videos from his phone. He sucks Mike’s cock while still taking video. Mike wakes up incensed that he was being recorded. Mike forces Miky to suck him more and then Mike sucks Miky’s huge, thick rod. Mike is so mad at Miky that he sits on his raw cock and takes it on a bareback ride. Mike lays down and Miky plows him missionary style. After hard bareback pounding, Mike gets on his knees and Miky rims his hole. Miky plunges his big uncut raw cock deep into Mike’s wet ass. Miky rams his dick in and out bareback as Mike moans. Miky pulls out and splashes his load on Mike’s ass, then pushes his cum back in seeding him. Miky sits down as Mike stands next to him. Mike jerks his prick until he shoots his spunk into Miky’s mouth. They end with a cum filled kiss.

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Joel Vargas Barebacks Petr Skala


Petr Skala is quietly reading a novel when Joel Vargas walks into the bedroom with a different tale for Petr. Joel takes Petr’s book away and kisses him. From there one thing leads to another and they act out their own story. In the prologue Joel plays with Petr’s ass, poking it with his tongue and finger. For the 1st chapter Petr takes a bareback ride on Joel’s raw cock. The next chapter is doggy style and Joel pounds Petr’s ass hard, giving it a good slap every now and then. They turn the page to a bit more oral as Joel sucks on Petr’s peter, giving his ass a rest. The raw story continues when Petr’s leg goes up and Joel barebacks his hole. With Joel’s raw cock inside of him, Petr strokes and shoots his load on his six pack. Joel barebacks him a bit more, than pulls out to end the tale with a thick squirt and a raw seeding of Petr’s ass.

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David Boss and Naomi Bennet


What a hunk! David Boss is all muscles and sex. As the scene starts he’s kneeling on the bed with his sex-mate, Naomi Bennet. Take a look at his huge calves, broad chest and bulging arms. Wow! Naomi strips David bare and sucks his big uncut pole. David strips Naomi and eats her out. Once she’s wet and eager, David puts his cock deep into her beaver. Naomi feels out David’s muscles as he plows her. She wants to get on top so David lays down and she climbs aboard, giving him a view of her sexy ass. They then get into doggy style and David goes to town. From the back we can see David’s low hanging balls slapping at her. He fucks her fast, then slow, then fast. David knows just how to please her, and himself. He pulls out and shoots his load on her back. Naomi fingers his cum and takes a taste. She can’t get enough of her hunk.

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Nick Capra & Casey Everett


Nick Capra & Casey Everett
Muscle dad Nick Capra and young stud Casey Everett make out in the living room. They take their shirts off and Casey kisses Nick’s chiseled body. Casey pays special attention to Nick’s hairy man pits. He takes Nick’s monster cock out for air and swallows it down to the base. Nick gets down and gives Casey a little oral lovin’ in return. He takes every inch of Casey’s rock hard cock down his throat. Casey gets on all 4’s on the couch eagerly waiting daddy Nick’s thick tool. Nick gets Casey’s hole wet, ready to fill it with his massive tool. Piercing the lad’s ass Nick slides his cock in. Nick sits on the couch and Casey rides daddy’s cock taking it like a champ. They switch it up. Casey lays on the floor and wraps his legs around Nick’s muscular body. Nick thrusts his cock in the young stud’s hole. They move back to the couch and Casey rides Nick’s cock facing him. Nick must be hitting the right spot because Casey squirts cum from his throbbing member. Nick pulls out and uses Casey’ cum as lubrication. Jerking his cock furiously until he shoots his load, having a taste of his come in the end.

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Connor Maguire & Dean Scott


Connor Maguire & Dean ScottThey say opposites attract and this movie proves it. Irish-American Connor Maguire and African-American Dean Scott start off kissing passionately and playfully. They joke around at first then get seriously into hot sex. Both guys have big cocks and they love sucking them, gagging when it hits the back of their throats. Connor has enough and turns Dean around for a good ass licking. His tongue laps away at Dean’s hole getting it wet and ready. Connor slips his cock in while Dean kneels on the bed. Once Dean is ready Connor shows us what a great power-top he is. He pounds Dean doggie-style, spooning, and missionary. Connor doesn’t stop for a moment. Sweat drops from his forehead as Dean moans and cries for more. Connor Maguire pulls out and sprays his load all over Dean. With Connor fingering his hole, Dean Scott strokes his cock, pumping out a thick, heavy load over his abs. The two studs, soaked in sweat, kiss to end the scene.


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Zeb Atlas II at SG4GE

Zeb Atlas II in Straight Guys for Gay Eyes

By overwhelming demand we’ve brought Zeb back for a second super hot scene. As hard as it is to believe, Zeb Atlas looks even bigger this time around. After Reena applies sunscreen all over his massive frame he glistens like a god. He fucks like a god too, splitting Reena wide open while she begs for every inch. Underneath Zeb she looks like a little fuck doll and Zeb does whatever he wants with his toy, sending her into multiple orgasms. Everything is big about Zeb including his cum load. He covers Reena with his delicious cum.

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Race Cooper & Jordano Santoro


Sexy Jordano Santoro is aiming to get fucked by chiseled Race Cooper. Race is packing serious meat and Jordano swallows it down to his balls. Now on the bed, Race licks and tickles Jordano’s feet, causing him to laugh wildly. He’s extremely ticklish!  Race decides it’s a better idea to suck Jordano’s beautiful cock then risk getting kicked in the face. With Jordano at full mast, Race buries his face in Jordano’s ass making sure to get it ready for his big prick. Jordano kicks his legs back and Race pumps his cock all the way in. Expletives fill the air as the studs fuck feverishly. Race slams Jordano hard until he pops his thick load onto Jordano’s sculpted bubble-butt. Jordano screams as he squeezes out his sweet juice onto his rock hard abs. Race licks Jordano’s seed up and snowballs with him. Hot!

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