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Robert Van Damme & Marcus Ruhl

It’s a battle of the bi-ceps with Robert Van Damme and Marcus Ruhl. Each flex and pose, trying to out-do one another. The guys get turned on watching each other, they kiss, and the clothes start to come off. Marcus gets down on his knees to suck Robert’s uncut cock. Robert slowly grows bigger and bigger inside Marcus’s warm mouth. Marcus is also uncut and the two rub and play with their foreskins before Robert swallows Marcus down to his balls. After Robert has his fill Marcus goes down on Robert to get him hard and ready to fuck. Robert sits back and Marcus hops up on the couch then on Robert’s thick dick. His bubble-butt bobs up and down on Robert, taking every inch deep inside his ass. The action gets steamier as Robert slams Marcus from behind, his muscles flexing with every thrust and pump. Stroking all the way in and all the way out…Robert has Marcus in pure ecstasy. Marcus begs for Roberts cum in his mouth and Robert doesn’t disappoint; blasting a huge load all over Marcus’ face and tongue. Robert licks the cum off Marcus’ face and makes sure Marcus gets a taste. Marcus cums right onto Roberts thick dick.



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Rock & Devin Adams

Devin Adams is hanging out watching TV when his dad’s buddy, Rock, knocks on the door. Rock walks in and asks for Devin’s father.  Devin lets Rock know that his dad is out to the hardware store and won’t be back for at least an hour. Rock notices Devin has gotten a bit too much sun and is starting to peel. Devin asks Rock if he wouldn’t mind putting some lotion on his back because the sun burn is really bothering him. Rock agrees and rubs lotion into Devin’s back. His hands quickly find their way to Devin’s tight stomach, and after double-checking with Devin to make sure his dad won’t be back, his hands make their way down Devin’s pants. Devin drops trough and Rock gets down on his knees to suck his dick. Devin is hard instantly feeling Rock’s warm mouth and talented tongue on his prick. After returning the favor sucking Rock, Devin buries his face in Rock’s ass. He laps at Rock’s tight hole getting it wet and ready for cock. Devin slides inside Rock’s hole and immediately begins pounding away. After getting slammed from behind Rock tells Devin he wants to ride his big dick. Rock bounces up and down on Devin’s dick, eventually leaving Devin’s hole a little jealous. Only one thing to do! Devin leans back and spreads wide for Rock who thrusts away inside his new young friend. Devin can’t hold back and winds up cumming all over his stomach while Rock still pumps away at his ass. Rock sprays his load onto Devin’s cock and pubes. All finished, the guys begin to relax and get comfortable when Devin’s phone rings. It’s his dad complaining that Rock’s car is blocking the driveway!



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Brenden Cage & Kieron Ryan

Brenden Cage is giving Kieron Ryan personal training tips on how to finish his workout. “15 minutes of abs,” Brenden tells Kieron. Kieron begins doing his crunches but it’s not 15 seconds before Brenden is prying off Kieron’s pants to get at his cock. Brenden goes down on Kieron who lets him know that he much prefers this workout routine to doing crunches. After sucking Kieron, Brenden stands up and shoves his dick in Kieron’s face. Kieron sucks Brenden so well that Brenden makes him stop – he’s close to cumming and still wants to fuck. Before fucking Kieron, Brenden sucks on Kieron’s toes and even gets a foot job! Both guys are amped up and ready to fuck so Kieron leans back and Brenden shoves his cock in, pounding away. Kieron moans ecstatically from the feeling of Brenden inside him. He’s rock hard the whole time he’s being slammed. It feels so good that Kieron pops his load while still riding Brenden. Brenden winds up making quite a mess, spraying all over Kieron’s face.



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Kyle King & Aaron Blake

We left Kyle King and Aaron Blake alone for two seconds and they were immediately all over each other. So, we just decided to roll tape and capture the chemistry. After a long tonsil-hockey session Aaron gets down on all fours to swallow Kyle’s thick pole. Kyle is wearing a jock-strap which bumps the temperature even higher than it already is! Kyle rips off Aaron’s jeans and spins him around. Kyle spreads Aaron’s cheeks and dives in for a taste of sweet ass. Aaron loves the feeling of Kyle’s tongue in his tush but he’s ready for cock. Kyle feeds his dick into Aaron’s hole, slowly at first but then he pounds away. Whether from behind, on top, or on his back, Aaron’s greedy ass eats Kyle’s cock with vehemence. Kyle blows his load all over Aaron’s abs and cock. He laps up his warm seed and swaps it with his cum covered bottom. Aaron squeezes out his cum onto his tight stomach which Kyle gobbles up, too.



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Marcus Ruhl Massaged

I am in awe of Marcus Ruhl. He is one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever encountered. The handsome face, muscular body, green eyes, and big uncut cock are beautiful to behold.  I was in heaven as I touched his body, massaging the oil into his olive skin.  His hard cock in my mouth made me tremble with joy. As he shot his load I kept my mouth close so I could eat up every drop. I am so lucky to have had Marcus on my massage table.

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Mitch Vaughn & Jimmy Fanz

Mitch Vaughn is looking better than ever. Buffed out and sporting sexy hot-pink underwear, he’s horny and anxious to play with hairy hunk, Jimmy Fanz. After a sensuous make-out session Jimmy peels off Mitch’s pink briefs to swallow his big prick. After Jimmy’s mouth gets him rock-hard, Mitch has Jimmy lay back on the bed so he can rub his cock between Jimmy’s feet, tickling and making him laugh! Mitch buries his face in Jimmy’s thick bush, taking every inch of Jimmy down his throat. A long lick of Jimmy’s hole and Mitch is ready to fuck. Jimmy’s spreads wide and Mitch eases himself in. Jimmy lets Mitch know he’s hitting all the right spots as he’s getting slammed. Mitch grabs onto his friend and lays on his back, making sure not to pop out of Jimmy’s ass. Jimmy spins on Mitch’s rod and begins to bounce up and down, riding and moaning wildly. The guys switch places and Mitch hops on top of Jimmy’s dick. Jimmy thrusts away from underneath Mitch’s muscular frame. Jimmy strokes Mitch’s hard cock as Mitch bobs up and down on his shaft. Mitch gets on his knees and Jimmy fucks him from behind until he pops all over Mitch’s ass cheeks. Jimmy apologizes for the mess he made and licks all of his warm cum up.  Jimmy nibbles on Mitch’s neck from behind as Mitch jerks off. He winds up spraying a HUGE load all over the bed. It’s one of the biggest cumshots we’ve ever seen!



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Brad Kalvo & Doug Acre

Coach Kalvo and wrestler Doug just got back from a wrestling match. Doug did well, but hurt his neck a little bit. Brad says he’ll help him take care of it and escorts him to the bedroom. Brad starts to massage Doug’s shoulder and neck, and then kisses it. Doug stops him and asks “What are you doing?” Brad replies “You just be quiet and let me take care of that.” Within no time the two are making out, causing Brad to get a massive erection poking through his wrestling attire. Seeing this, Doug gets down and begins to work Brad’s cock with his mouth. His neck is already starting to feel better! Brad has his student get down on the bed so he can swallow his thick cock and eat his gaping asshole. Doug can’t wait for Brad to plunge his lumber deep inside him. Brad starts feeding Doug’s ass some fingers, before filling it with his huge dick. “You’re splitting me in two!” cries Doug and Coach Kalvo pounds him from behind. Things really get hot when Doug sits on Brad’s fat fuck stick. Doug’s cock flops up and down as he rides his coach. Doug spins and squeezes Brad’s cock with his tight ass before they settle into missionary where Doug begs for Coach Kalvo to fuck him faster and deeper. Brad cums all over his star student’s thick dick. Doug squeezes out a thick load onto his coach’s furry chest and mouth.



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Dean Monroe & Mario Romo

Mario Romo eggs on Dean Monroe to blow him in the shipping area. Dean is worried they’ll be caught, but Mario’s THICK cock is very convincing. Dean goes down on Mario and sure enough someone tries to walk in the room. Mario tells them to come back later and Dean continues to slurp down Mario’s meat. Dean stands up and Mario gets right to business, sliding Dean’s dick down his throat. Dean spins around and kicks a leg up so Mario can eat his pink hole. Mario licks Dean’s ass while Dean fingers himself, priming it for Mario’s huge cock. Mario eases himself in and begins pounding Dean. Mario wants Dean’s cock in him, too.  Dean sits so Mario can go for a ride. After a long ride the guys flop again. Dean lays back and Mario buries his boner deep inside Dean’s ass. Dean says Mario’s cock is “perfect” and he winds up cumming while still getting hammered. Mario cums shortly thereafter all over Dean’s beautiful cock.



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Topher DiMaggio & Edin Sol

In the midst of making out, Topher DiMaggio flexes and poses for Edin Sol. “You like that? That turn you on?” he asks as Edin worships Topher’s ripped body. Once Edin makes it down to Topher’s cock, we see that Topher’s muscles aren’t the only BIG thing about him. Topher lays down on the bed and Edin gets down on his knees next to him to suck his dick. Edin has a flawless ass which bobs up and down in unison with his head as he shoves all of Topher down his throat. Topher moans wildly as he fucks Edin’s talented mouth from different positions, making sure Edin gets all the cock his mouth can handle. With Edin’s oral appetite quenched, Topher has him bend over to show him that perfect ass so he can fuck it. Topher rams Edin aggressively from behind. As hard as Topher dishes it out, Edin takes that big dick like a pro. Edin hops on top and you get a great view of his ass as Topher’s long cock slides in and out of it. After a long ride Edin lays on his back and jerks off while Topher continues to pummel his sweet hole. Edin lets out a big, thick cumshot all over his hard body. Topher follows up with a mighty cumshot of his own, plastering Edin.



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Tyler Sweet & Jake

Tyler Sweet is as tasty as his name implies. Every part of this hot young lad tastes like candy. Whether it be his lips, nipples, ass or cock, I cannot get my fill of Tyler and lucky for me I don’t have to. Tyler loves to kiss, have his body worshipped, and best of all he’s into daddies! He sucks my cock before throwing his legs back so I can ease my way into his tight little hole.  But first I get his hole ready with some rimming fun.  Tyler is quite nimble and I fuck him in positions that surprised even me! He’s also LOUD and all the moans emanating from him just make me want to fuck him that much harder. Tyler explodes all over himself while I spoon him. He then jumps up and begins to suck my cock until I get close and jerk out a creamy load while he licks my balls.  Truly sweet.



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