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Zeb Atlas Returns!

Zeb Atlas Returns

A bit over two years ago, I made a HUGE splash as I serviced and massaged the huge muscles of Zeb Atlas. I had a great time working with Zeb and I always wanted to find another project to do with him. Fast Forward to just recently when Alex Stantin won the “Be Jake For A Day” contest. In his entry, he mentioned what a fan of Zeb he was and we decided “Why Not?”

When Alex found out his scene partner would be none other than Zeb Atlas himself, he was blown away excited.. nervous horny wouldn’t you be?This is a hot muscle-worship servicing scene. Alex gets his hands and tongue on just about every square inch of Zeb’s body from his pecs to his toes to his ass to his dick.

He’s all smiles the whole time so is Zeb. Zeb’s body is bigger and better than ever. His new arm tattoo is very striking and the facial hair he’s got really makes him look manlier, if that’s possible.

Photo Set & Text

Six 20 sec. Video Clips

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