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Petr Hardinava and Alice Nice

Petr Hardinava sits naked in a dry sauna when Alice Nice walks in, puts her towel down, and sits next to him. Both of their beautiful naked bodies just wait to be touched, and soon they are. Alice makes the first move by touching Petr’s chest. They kiss and Alice moves down to his left foot and sucks his big toe. She moves and sucks something bigger. They go to the spa and Petr goes down on Alice eating her pussy. Alice gets up and bends over. Petr slides his hard cock inside her love glove. Their bodies wet from the spa, they fuck in different positions until Petr splashes his hot spunk on Alice’s belly. Alice licks it up and they end with sweet kisses.

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Andrew Lewix and Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal admires Andrew Lewix’s handsome face and amazing body. And with good reason. Andrew is a stud on all levels. Andrew flexes as Alexis sucks his cock. She stops to touch and worship the baseball sized muscles. Andrew throws Alexis on the bed and she worships his ass, slapping his butt and licking his hole. Andrew turns around and strips Alexis bare. He immediately goes down on her, licking and fingering her love glove. Alexis gets on all fours and aims her butt at Andrew, who quickly plunges his cock into her wet pussy. ¬†After a good fuck Andrew lays on his back and Alexis rides his pole in reverse cowgirl. She is so limber that she turns her upper body around to kiss Andrew while his dick plows her man cave. Alexis gets on her back and Andrew mounts her from the front, getting the full length of his prick deep inside of her. When he gets close Andrew Lewix pulls out and lays back stroking his cock until he shoots his load on his ripped abs. Alexis Crystal watches then takes a finger lick of his cum. The young lovers kiss as we leave them exhausted and happy.

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Mike Black and Belle Claire

Mike Black is a hunky Czech man with blue eyes and a big uncut cock. His girlfriend, Belle Claire, loves every inch of Mike’s body. Mike loves it when Belle sucks his cock. After unzipping his pants that is exactly what she does. Soon they are 69’ing and Mike also eats out Belle’s pussy. Belle surprised Mike by rimming his ass. He really enjoys it. Mike can’t wait any longer to get his cock inside his girlfriend. He fucks her in several positions, his favorite is when Belle rides his big pole. For the finish Mike lays back and strokes until he blows. Belle cleans up licking up his spunk. They sweetly kiss to end their lovemaking.

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Zeb Atlas II at SG4GE

Zeb Atlas II in Straight Guys for Gay Eyes

By overwhelming demand we’ve brought Zeb back for a second super hot scene. As hard as it is to believe, Zeb Atlas looks even bigger this time around. After Reena applies sunscreen all over his massive frame he glistens like a god. He fucks like a god too, splitting Reena wide open while she begs for every inch. Underneath Zeb she looks like a little fuck doll and Zeb does whatever he wants with his toy, sending her into multiple orgasms. Everything is big about Zeb including his cum load. He covers Reena with his delicious cum.

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