Brec Boyd Serviced


It took a while to get Brec Boyd undressed (first the football jersey, then the T-shirt, followed by the tank top…) but it only made it all the hotter when I finally got down to his ripped-up torso. The guy’s a great sport, facing the camera with a shy grin as I unbelted his pants and started grabbing his crotch. Next, I kissed and licked Brec’s neck and chest, getting his cock so hard the head popped out of his underwear (always a good sign). While he stood above me I happily chowed down on his dick, taking it all the way down my throat. Then I laid him back on the bed, removed his jeans and underwear and picked up where I left off. There are so many parts of Brec worth exploring, especially that sweet ass. I loved stimulating his hole with my tongue while holding his legs in the air. When it came time to make this stud cum, I laid back and had him fuck my face, stopping now and then to stroke the head of his dick. Let’s just say I got a lot out of it!

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