David Plaza Massaged



David Plaza is a very sexy young man. After playing with him in bed a few weeks ago, I was lucky to have him on my massage table. After David lays down I caress his smooth, tanned skin all over his youthful body. David lets out little moans as I knead his muscles. He has a cute, hairy ass and I play with it, fingering his hole before my tongue takes over. I really love eating his hole and feeling him press his butt into my face. I go down and worship his beautiful, soft feet, kissing and rubbing his soles and sucking on his toes. I turn David over and he’s very relaxed. As I massage his front my hands and arms press against his cock. Soon David is rock hard. I continue my massage and, of course, include his cock. I can’t ignore his stiffy. That would be rude. I stroke his rod and suck it all the way down to his big, black bush. I stroke it with my fist and rub it back and forth between my palms. As I kiss David passionately I stroke his dick until he shoots a massive stream of cream onto his belly. I lick up his cum and kiss him, letting him taste his own juice. David Plaza can be on my table any time he wants!

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Preview Clip – 2 minutes – MP4 – 960×540

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