Aslan Brutti and Drago Lambert Bareback Petr Oteo


Petr Oteo sits on a plastic covered seat stroking his cock while wearing a face mask. We have no idea why. Suddenly Aslan Brutti and Drago Lambert appear on either side of him and the fun begins. Both muscle studs explore Petr’s body and he sucks on their cocks. Drago gets on his knees and sucks Petr’s prick, while Petr sucks Aslan’s cock. But Petr is cock hungry so he gets both cocks on either side of his mouth as Aslan and Drago kiss passionately. Aslan lubes up Petr’s ass and Drago enters him bareback. His raw cock slams into Petr’s ass. Aslan sits on the seat and Petr gets on top. Drago guides Aslan’s raw cock into Petr’s hole. Aslan pumps him bareback from underneath as Petr sucks on Drago’s thick, uncut dick. Petr is laid down on the seat and Drago barebacks his hole. Both Drago and Aslan sit on the seat. Petr rides one guy’s raw cock while he sucks the other’s pole. He switches back and forth, taking the measure of each raw cock. Drago Lambert cums on Petr’s butt cheeks then seeds his hole bareback. Aslan Brutti stands and pumps his cock to shoot his load into Petr’s mouth. With the two jocks on either side, Petr Oteo strokes to a sticky finish.

Photo Set

Preview Clip – 2 minutes – MP4 – 960×540

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