Ben Venido & Derek Scott

Ben Venido is getting a tan, he gets hungry and orders a Meat-Lover’s pizza. Derek Scott, the delivery boy, comes to the back yard and delivers the pizza.  To his surprise Ben starts to feel out his cock. Ben tells him to pull his dick out just a bit so it peaks out of his pants. Ben notices Derek’s cock is still somewhat soft, and takes the lads cock straight into his warm mouth. Ben’s got a big tool, too, and Derek takes a turn sucking and licking his cock. They both lay sideways on the lounge chair and Derek gets fucked by the hairy, muscle daddy. They change positions to doggy-style, Derek fucks him self with Ben’s pole. Ben then pumps his prick in and out of Derek’s ass, pounding it hard. Ben sits on a bench and Derek sits on Ben’s rock-hard cock, riding it joyfully. They both stand and and keep on fucking doggy-style. Derek lays on the bench and Ben fucks him missionary style. They exchange positions and Ben Venido squirts his jiz onto his hairy abs. Derek Scott follows by shooting his load on Ben’s cock. This is why Ben always orders the Meat-Lover’s pizza!

Photo Set 

Preview Clip – 2 minutes – MP4 – 960×540

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