Mickey Collins & Derek Scott


Mickey Collins & Derek Scott
Hairy, muscle-dad Mickey Collins and smooth, young Derek Scott are at the patio table getting frisky. Derek stands behind Mickey and rubs the dad’s strong, hairy chest. Mickey pulls off his shorts and strokes his cock. Derek leans over and plays with Mickey’s cock. Being a good lad Derek sucks Mickey’s cock getting him rock hard. Derek takes his shirt off and deep throats Mickey’s cock. Mickey stands and directs the young lad to take his shorts off. They kiss and play with each others’ hot bodies. Derek drops to his knees as he sucks Mickey’s cock, loving the taste in his mouth. Derek lays his arms on the patio table and Mickey fucks his tender hole. Derek begs for Mickey to fuck him harder. Mickey orders Derek to sit on his cock. Derek rides his cock so forcefully that Mickey can’t do anything but hold the young man’s hips. After smacking Derek’s ass, they get up and kiss. Derek sits on the chair with his legs up and Mickey hammers his ass. Derek Scott stands up and Mickey sits down.  Derek shoots his load on Mikey’s hairy chest. Mickey Collins cums all over his body, leaving him sweating and out of breath.

Photo Set

Preview Clip – 2 minutes – MP4 – 960×540

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