Brad Kalvo & Ian Levine

Brad Kalvo & Ian Levine
Scruffy muscle dad Brad Kalvo is in his hotel room reading when smooth, muscled lad and housekeeper Ian Levine shows up with fresh towels. Brad asks the lad to massage his sore legs and Ian happily obliges. Things heat up quickly and it’s not long before dad and lad make out. Ian feels Brad’s hard-on through his boxers and Brad removes the lad’s shirt. They stand and kiss as Brad undresses Ian. He goes down on Ian and deep throats his cock. Ian fucks Brad’s mouth and Brad strokes his own cock at the same time. Ian blows Brad and slobs on his cock. They kiss on the couch and Brad turns the lad around to rim his sweet hole. Ian moans as Brad playfully eats his ass. Brad penetrates Ian with his daddy dick as they fuck doggystyle on the couch. He pounds the Ian’s tight hole. Ian sits on Brad’s dick and rides it. He bounces his cute bubble butt in the air while kissing Brad. Ian faces forward and rides the long pole. His cock flails in every direction as he enjoys the ride. The lad lays on his back and Brad drills deep into his hole. Ian Levine cums while getting fucked and launches a hot load on himself. Brad licks it up and kisses Ian, swapping the spit. Brad Kalvo pulls out and shoots his spunk on Ian’s cock. Dad and lad share a hot wet, kiss.

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