Brian Davilla & Andrew Markus

Brian Davilla & Andrew Markus
Dad Brian Davilla and Lad Andrew Markus make out aggressively. They tug at each others hard-ons and the shirts come off. Andrew goes down on Brian and deep throats every inch of his thick daddy cock. They kiss and Brian tells Andrew to show him his young ass. Brian spits on Andrew’s sweet hole and rimms his delicious ass. He fills Andrew’s hole with his meaty cock and pile drives him into the bed. Brian lays down and Andrew goes to work sucking his huge pecker. Andrew climbs on top of Brian’s dick and rides slowly. Brian thrusts up, pounding him from the bottom. They fuck in missionary position and Brian almost splits Andrew’s ass in half with big long strokes of his massive cock. Andrew Markus orgasms intensely, cumming on himself. He sucks the cum out of Brian Davilla’s massive dick and they kiss.

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Preview Clip – 2 minutes – MP4 – 960×540


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