Jordano Santoro & Jake Jammer

Jordano Santoro & Jake Jammer
Jordano Santoro and Jake Jammer kiss in the living room. Things escalate quickly and shirts fly off. Jake grabs Jordano’s plump ass and spanks him playfully before the two studs get fully undressed. They kiss and take turns blowing each other. Jake eats Jordano’s tight hole, making him moan loudly with excitement. Jake fucks Jordano doggystyle with his amazingly long cock. He piledrives Jordano’s ass into the couch with his pole. Jordano rides Jake’s huge pecker bouncing hard on the stiff cock. They fuck over the side of the couch before Jordano lays on his back allowing Jake to get deeper. Jordano Santoro cums on his own abs. Jake Jammer releases a load on Jordano’s abs as well. Jake licks up the cum and gives Jordano a sloppy kiss.

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Preview Clip – 2 minutes – MP4 – 960×540


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