Leo Domenico & Dean Monroe


Leo Domenico & Dean MonroePassion runs high when hairy stud Leo Domenico and sexy hunk Dean Monroe kiss. Their eyes lock as Leo pulls Dean’s head closer for another heavy lock of the lips. They can’t keep their hands off of each other’s hard muscles. Dean kisses Leo’s hairy chest. Dean unbuttons Leo’s pants and kisses his already stiff cock through the tight underwear. Dean pulls on Leo’s briefs until Leo’s rock hard, 8 inch, uncut cock pops out. Dean deep throats Leo’s prick and Leo gets so worked up he starts speaking in Greek, his native tongue! Dean stands up and takes off his pants. Leo rubs and slaps his cock against Dean’s bubble butt before they both get on the bed frotting their dicks together. Leo turns Dean on his stomach and laps at Dean’s hole. He stretches and fingers Dean’s hole. Dean is ready and Leo pumps him doggy style. Leo pushes Dean down flat onto the bed and rams his cock harder into Dean’s ass. Dean loves every stroke Leo’s cock makes. Leo lays on his back and Dean rides his cock. Dean moans louder as his ass slaps against Leo’s balls. Dean lays on his back and throws his right leg onto Leo’s shoulder. Leo jackhammers his 8 inch cock into Dean Monroe’s tight hole until Dean pops his load all over his abs and chest. Leo Domenico soon follows shooting a massive load all over Dean’s cock and hard abs. Breathing heavily after their intense fuck session, Leo scoops up the cum off Dean’s bod feeding it to him, then lays on top kissing and tasting their combined cum.

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