Carlo Cox & Marko LeBeau

Carlo Cox & Marko LeBeau

Marko and Carlo are so hot-o! Carlo Cox kisses Marko LeBeau from behind, his hands all over his sexy, young chest. ¬†They kiss passionately as they work their way down towards each others’ cocks. Marko drops to one knee and takes Carlo’s fat dick in his mouth. Carlo is rock hard instantly and loves the feeling of Marko’s warm mouth. Carlo returns the favor and swallows Marko down to his base. Carlo is an expert cocksucker with years of experience. Marko is all worked up and ready to get fucked. Carlo eats Marko’s hole to prep it for his monster prick. Marko eases back slowly onto Carlo’s meat pole. Once in, Marko relaxes and can really enjoy every inch of Carlo deep inside him. Marko especially loves being on top where Carlo lets loose and pounds his ass hard. After giving Marko everything he has, Carlo lays back on the back and strokes out a thick load onto his hairy stomach while Marko licks his balls. Marko LeBeau then gets comfy and creams Carlo Cox’s face with a healthy load.

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