Trevor Parks & Josh Pierce

Trevor Parks & Josh Pierce

Josh Pierce is hanging out watching TV when Trevor Parks drops in looking for Josh’s father. Josh lets him know he’s out but will be back in a little bit. Trevor jokingly asks if Josh has any porn to watch. Josh doesn’t miss a beat and tells Trevor he’s got something better than that. He reaches over and starts rubbing Trevor’s dick through his jeans. Trevor is a little skeptical at first, but can’t say no to Josh’s roaming hands. Turned on, Trevor peels Josh out of his clothes to get at his young cock. Trevor swallows Josh and licks his smooth balls. Josh turns the tables and makes sure Trevor gets plenty of oral attention. He blows Trevor until he’s hard as a rock, then moves his attention to his sweet ass. He licks and laps Trevor’s hole until he’s primed and ready for his rod. Josh buries his boner deep inside Trevor’s tight hole. Trevor moans as his ass gets worked on by Josh’s big dick. Trevor’s ass brings Josh to the brink. He pulls out and shoots a big load all over Trevor Parks furry chest. He rubs his warm cum into his huge pecs. Trevor hops up and blasts Josh Pierce’s chest with a massive load of his own.

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