Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe


Jimmy Roman & Dean Monroe

Jimmy Roman just got through an intense workout. His shoulders are dead tired. Dean Monroe is more than happy to give Jimmy a rub down to help those aching muscles. Jimmy hasn’t even finished getting his wraps off before Dean starts kissing his neck and rubbing his cock through his shorts. Jimmy stands up and decides it’s time to take the monster out for air. Dean swallows Jimmy down to the base with incredible ease. Both uncut guys are hard as nails and play around docking their foreskins. Jimmy gets down on his knees and gives Dean a little oral lovin’. Dean gets on all fours and begs to get fucked. Jimmy eats Dean’s ass to ensure it’s primed and ready before planting his big dick inside. Jimmy pounds away, fucking Dean hard and fast right off the bat. This certainly isn’t Dean’s first rodeo, and he proves to Jimmy his ass can take whatever Jimmy can dish out. Jimmy Roman thrusts faster and faster until Dean blows his load all over his fuzzy belly. Jimmy immediately hops up and cums on Dean Monroe’s face, giving him a big mouthful which they exchange in a sloppy kiss. HOT!

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