Brenden Cage & Brody Wilde

Brenden Cage & Brody Wilde

Brenden Cage is the photographer on the set of a photo shoot. His subject is none other than the hot, young, hunk Brody Wilde. Brenden tells Brody to show some skin. After getting him to show off his hot body, Brenden tells him to pull his cock out just a bit so it peaks out of his pants. Brenden notices Brody’s dick is still somewhat soft. “We need to work that up a bit,” he says. Brenden sits on the couch and takes Brody Wilde’s cock straight into his warm mouth. After getting Brody’s cock rock hard, they continue making out. Brenden Cage’s shirt comes off and Brody drops to his knees and sucks his cock. Brenden pushes him down on the couch and lays next to him as he sucks on his cock. He bends over and tells Brody to eat his ass. Brody’s tongue digs into his tight hole. Brody then gets on all fours and Brenden teases his hole with his hard cock. Brody asks for Brenden’s cock in his ass and he sticks it in. He then sits on Brenden’s cock and rides it hard. Brenden then says, “Fuck this, get on your back.” He lays Brody down on his back and drills his tight hole hard. Brody moans wildly in ecstasy. Brody Wilde pops his load as Brenden pounds away at his ass, his cum shoots uncontrollably and hits him in the face and chest. This turns Brenden Cage on and he jack hammers his cock into Brody’s ass until he pulls out and rips his condom off just in time to shoot his load all over Brody’s abs.

Photo Set (now with cum shots)

Six 20 sec. Video Clips

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