Chris Tyler & Bryce Star

Chris Tyler & Bryce Star

Already finished with round 1 for the evening, Chris Tyler and Bryce Star are relaxing in bed. Bryce tries to catch up on some reading, but Chris wants more action. Asking nicely to begin round 2 isn’t getting Chris anywhere so he decides to heat things up. A few nibbles to Bryce’s nipples and ears and it’s go time! Chris Tyler slides on down to Bryce’s cock and gets a throat full. Bryce peels off Chris’s underwear and bobs his head up and down on his thick meat-stick. Bryce has forgotten about his book and all he can think about now is Chris’ big dick in his ass! Bryce Star sits on Chris’ tool riding him hard. Chris bends Bryce over and takes control, slamming Bryce hard and fast. Bryce takes everything Chris Tyler can dish at him and begs for more. Chris continues to thrust in and out of Bryce’s tight hole while Bryce jerks himself off onto his tight abs. Chris strokes his cock until it pops all over Bryce Star’s furry face!

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