Jeremy Stevens & Tyler Sweet

Jeremy Stevens & Tyler Sweet

Do dreams come true? In Tyler Sweet’s case they certainly do! Tyler is laying on the bed, touching himself while looking at sexy photos of Jeremy Stevens on an iPad. Tyler winds up nodding off only to find Jeremy waiting there next to him when he awakens. Jeremy is already naked and Tyler is in awe. He begins blowing Jeremy’s thick dick getting it stone hard in seconds. Jeremy Stevens is a giver too. He peels Tyler out of his clothes and goes to work on Tyler’s already rock-hard cock. Tyler has one of the tastiest looking holes ever. Jeremy spreads Tyler’s cheeks and slides his tongue as far as it can go inside Tyler’s hole. Tyler squirms with anticipation, knowing Jeremy is going to fuck his tight ass. A healthy squirt of lube and Jeremy’s cock is deep inside Tyler Sweet’s hungry hole. Tyler’s rod points due North as he bobs up and down on Jeremy. The hard fucking continues as they flop around the bed from one steamy position to the next. Tyler Sweet let’s his cum fly all over himself with Jeremy still buried deep in his ass. Jeremy Stevens adds to the mess, blasting his warm juice all over Tyler’s cock, abs and chest. The guys lay down next to each other and Jeremy suddenly disappears. We’re left with Tyler laying on the bed, covered in cum, with his sticky iPad by his side.

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