Adam Russo & Charles Gray

Adam Russo had a nice evening planned out and is pretty steamed when Charles Gray comes home late from class. Adam tells Charles he’ll have to make it up to him. Charles knows exactly how to cheer up Adam…a warm mouth and a hard cock! Charles gets right to work, swallowing Adam’s already throbbing member. Adam makes Charles go as deep as he can before switching places to return the favor. Adam takes every inch of Charles Grey down his throat. His tongue proves to be talented also, sending Charles into heaven as Adam licks his tight ass and feet. Adam Russo is raring to get fucked at this point. Charles gets Adam’s hole wet and ready. “Fuck me!” Adam exclaims as his young friend begins to ‘make it up to him’. After getting thoroughly pounded from behind, while sitting on top, and laying back, Adam Russo squeezes out a load onto his stomach while he’s still getting fucked. Charles Grey has one more gift to give Adam before the night is through, and that is a mouthful of his warm cum. The night turned out perfect after all!

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Six 20 sec. Video Clips

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