Rock & Devin Adams

Devin Adams is hanging out watching TV when his dad’s buddy, Rock, knocks on the door. Rock walks in and asks for Devin’s father. ┬áDevin lets Rock know that his dad is out to the hardware store and won’t be back for at least an hour. Rock notices Devin has gotten a bit too much sun and is starting to peel. Devin asks Rock if he wouldn’t mind putting some lotion on his back because the sun burn is really bothering him. Rock agrees and rubs lotion into Devin’s back. His hands quickly find their way to Devin’s tight stomach, and after double-checking with Devin to make sure his dad won’t be back, his hands make their way down Devin’s pants. Devin drops trough and Rock gets down on his knees to suck his dick. Devin is hard instantly feeling Rock’s warm mouth and talented tongue on his prick. After returning the favor sucking Rock, Devin buries his face in Rock’s ass. He laps at Rock’s tight hole getting it wet and ready for cock. Devin slides inside Rock’s hole and immediately begins pounding away. After getting slammed from behind Rock tells Devin he wants to ride his big dick. Rock bounces up and down on Devin’s dick, eventually leaving Devin’s hole a little jealous. Only one thing to do! Devin leans back and spreads wide for Rock who thrusts away inside his new young friend. Devin can’t hold back and winds up cumming all over his stomach while Rock still pumps away at his ass. Rock sprays his load onto Devin’s cock and pubes. All finished, the guys begin to relax and get comfortable when Devin’s phone rings. It’s his dad complaining that Rock’s car is blocking the driveway!




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