Rudolf Schneider & Jake


Exploring Rudolph Schneider when I serviced him was a treat. But when he told me he would top me it was a dream come true. Rudolf is a physical wonder. Handsome, muscle-bound, hung, with a perfect ass. I could spend a lifetime tonguing that beautiful hole, my face planted between his tight cheeks, and still want more. After some body worshipping (his of course) we take turns sucking each other. Then Rudolf plants his massive body behind mine and plugs my hole with his thick, uncut cock. Hard and deep, Rudolf makes sure I’ll never forget my trip to Prague. I think I can still feel him inside me! Every muscle in Rudolf’s body tenses as he squeezes his load onto my belly. I rub our cum covered cocks together and then shoot out a load of my own.

Photo Set

Six 20 sec. Video Clips

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