Alessio Romero & Trent Atkins

You’d think Alessio Romero and Trent Atkins haven’t had sex in years the way they go at each other! We definitely have two Alpha-males going at it and each guy takes turns letting their partner know who’s in charge. They spit, claw, slap and of course suck each other with primal tenacity. The passion just keeps getting more and more intense as the fucking begins. Trent gets his tight hole pounded by Alessio’s thick dick. You can smell the testosterone in the air as the guys moan and grit their teeth while making sure their partner is having the time of his life. Trent is the first to pop, letting loose a thick white stream of cum all over his stomach and pecs while Alessio is still reaming his asshole. Seeing Trent cum sends Alessio over the brink and he paints Trent’s hard body with his load.

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