Thomas Ride & Jake


Now this was a BIG surprise. If you recall at the end of “Thomas Rider Serviced”, Thomas got so worked up from our scene together that he starts to undress me and begins sucking my cock. Keep those cameras rolling! Thomas is a huge, hunk of man. I love feeling the weight of his body on top of mine as we lay there kissing and stroking each others’ cocks. Thomas proves to have amazing stamina (along with everything else). Even though he just came from me servicing him, he’s rip-roaring hard and slamming my ass in no time! I think I may have found the perfect man :-) I wriggle and writhe around loving the feeling of Thomas’s big dick in my ass. He really knows how to fuck! The spontaneity of it all just makes things that much more exciting for me. I really love when he pounds me from behind. His thunderous thighs pounding into me with each thrust…woof! Exhausted from fucking me so hard Thomas hovers between my legs and deposits a load onto my pubes. I follow suit shortly thereafter squeezing a creamy load of my own onto my furry belly.

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