Morgan Black and Brad Kalvo


Two of our hottest studs, Morgan Black and Brad Kalvo, team up for one of our most sexually-charged videos ever. Sprawled out on the bed next to Brad, Morgan gets things started by groping his buddy’s crotch. He slides off Brad’s briefs then licks, sucks and swallows his growing cock. After servicing his buddy, Morgan lays back to enjoy a 5-star blow job of his own. These hairy hunks move on to a mutual rimming scene which makes Morgan start to beg Brad to fuck him. Morgan straddles Brad’s thighs and slides his hungry hole onto Brad’s dick for an extended ride before switching positions. Now on his back, Morgan gets to experience the thrill of being drilled by a huge cock. Brad gets close to cuming when Morgan reaches up and tweaks Brad’s nipples, finally spewing his load into Morgan’s crotch. Morgan gives as good as he gets and drops a huge load onto Brad’s furry chest.

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