Trent Atkins Solo


It’s a warm, sunny day and Trent Atkins has found a secluded spot up in the hills to jack off. With that buzz cut and cut-up body, he looks incredibly hot in blue nylon shorts and a tank top. He tweaks his nipples and sticks his hand down his shorts, playing with his dick first and then feeling his muscle butt. Our camera catches him from behind, clad only in a jock strap, as he fingers his hole, the layer of blonde hair on his ass shimmering in the sun. His dick fully erect, Trent sheds his jock and sneakers and starts moaning as he gets closer and closer to shooting his load. Maybe he thinks nobody can see him as heads down some stairs, fingers his ass some more and then, pop, out comes a gusher of cum. No worries, Trent. Nobody saw a thing.

Photo Set & Text

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