Mike Rivers Solo


The guy can’t help it! Before one article of clothing is removed, the first thing you notice about Mike Rivers is his crotch. You’d swear his dick is semi-erect underneath those white gym shorts. Sweaty from a workout, Mike peels off his tank top and wipes himself off with a towel. He lies back on the sofa, sticks his hand down his shorts and pulls out a huge, thick, ramrod-straight cock. Mike plays with it and then makes it bounce up and down, hands-free! Voyeurs are gonna love it when he stands up, closes his eyes, and plays with his nipple, all while jerking his meat. Only the extended shot of his bubble butt will take your mind off Mike’s cock. Mmmmm. Only thing tastier may be those droplets of cum Mike shoots all over his six-pack.

Photo Set & Text

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